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Engineered valves

Low pressure safety vents PROTECTOSEAL®

PROTECTOSEAL® has more than 80 years of experience for safety in atmospheric tanks, vapor control and environmental protection.

PROTECTOSEAL® range of products : pressure vents, vacuum vents, combined pressure/vacuum vents (breather vents), combined vents with flame arrester, emergency vents, blanketing valves.

Dimensions : DN 50 (2″) to DN 600 (24″) depending on model.
Pressure : from 2 mbar (- 2 mbar and below for the vacuum vents).

Material :  Aluminum, Ductile Iron, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy C276.
PVC, PVDF, PP, PE, Derakane, reinforced resin, special coating.

Design and certification : following international standards like API 2000, EN ISO 28300, CE, ATEX ...

Applications : protection of storage tanks, reactors, vapor recovery units and VOC in the chemical, petrochemical, sugar, bio-gas plants …

Sizing and pricing : please contact us with the characteristics of facilities to protect and process data (fluid, pressure, temperature, flow … )