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Welding and cladding

Le Département Alliages


The alloy service of Chpolansky Establishments is specialized in the reloading of castings, used in the glass industry.

From distributor, the service turned to research and development of new technologies.


  • Distribution of reloading powders under its own brand and reference brands such as Colmonoy and Hoganas.
  • Sales of materials and equipment for industrial welding
  • Training course in reloading techniques.
  • Development of a recharging center by laser cladding process.

The team

  • Director : Michel REGE
  • Sales manager : Bruno WUILLEMIER
  • Welding product sales manager : Sandra GILLARD
  • Laser Division Engineer : Abderezak KHENAFI, Christophe LAFARGE
  • PhD metallurgy : Fazati BOURAHIMA
  • Assistant : Anne-Isabelle AMARAL
  • Purchasing : Aurore PIOTROWSKA
  • Technician : Nelson BARBOSA